Frequently Asked Questions


What is "XSTAT"?
XSTAT is a first-in-kind hemorrhage control device designed to quickly stop severe bleeding in junctional areas of the groin or axilla where tourniquets or other methods are not successful. It is the only injectable hemostatic device cleared for pre-hospital internal use.
What is inside of the applicator?

Mini-sponges are inside the applicator. The mini-sponges are made of surgical grade cellulose-a material derived from plants.

How does XSTAT work?

Direct pressure is the most effective way to stop bleeding. XSTAT stops bleeding at the source of the injury. When XSTAT is inserted into the wound cavity and sponges are deposited, they expand up to 10x their original size when in contact with exudate or blood. The sponges fill the wound cavity and provides compressive forces inside to stop bleeding.

How do I get the sponges out?

XSTAT sponges are not absorbable; they can be removed manually using basic forceps. Each mini-sponge has a radiopaque marker embedded on top. Under normal imaging, the sponges will show up as an “x” for clear visibility for removal.

What are the advantages of using XSTAT versus other hemorrhage control products?
  • Most hemorrhage control products are indicated for external use only. XSTAT is a one of a kind dressing that is designed for internal use.
  • XSTAT applies compression at the source of bleeding which stops bleeds more quickly.
  • XSTAT was designed to create pressure inside the wound to possibly alleviate the need for immediate manual external compression
  • XSTAT’s mini-sponges expand fully in 20 seconds resulting in faster hemostasis and significantly less total blood loss (Note: a transfusion can cost around $1,200/unit of blood).
  • Ease of use/intuitive – human factors testing has shown that XSTAT, in the hands of a trained clinician, can be quickly applied with minimal knowledge of the product. 
  • Lightweight and compact- an applicator can be easily carried in a kit or bag.
Is there any hemostatic agent in it?

No, there is no hemostatic agent in XSTAT. Recent studies have cautioned about the long-term use of hemostatic agents and the increased risk of embolus formation*.
*Otrocka-Domagala,, Safety of the long term application of QuickClot Combat Gauze, ChitoGauze Pro and Celox Gauze, Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 19, No.2 (2016), 337-343

Does it come in different sizes?

Yes, a part of the XSTAT family is XSTAT-30 and XSTAT-12. The XSTAT-30 is 30mm in diameter while the XSTAT-12 is 12 inches in diameter.

What is the difference between the two sizes?

XSTAT-30 is larger than the XSTAT-12 and was designed for large exit wounds. The XSTAT-12 is smaller in diameter and was designed for entrance wounds and other smaller penetrating trauma such as stab wounds and small caliber rounds.
In addition, the amount of sponges in the two applicators differ. The XSTAT-30 applicator has around 90 sponges while the XSTAT-12 has around 36 per applicator.

What could XSTAT potentially replace from existing treatments?

Under the Indications for Use, XSTAT could be used as a more effective solution than hemostatic dressings and junctional tourniquets in terms of time of application, potential total blood loss, and ease of use. 

How much pressure does XSTAT exert inside the wound?

Benchtop testing has shown that XSTAT exerts approximately 10-15% above MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure); sufficient to stop bleeding but not to cause possible ischemia.