Frequently Asked Questions


What is "XGAUZE"?

XGAUZE is a unique z-folded gauze impregnated with approximately 130 compressed cellulose mini-sponges. The gauze is a nonwoven spunlace PET gauze that is commonly used in medical products. The sponges are thermally bonded to the spunlace gauze with a polyethylene (PE) film and remain bonded when the dressing is wetted.

How does XGAUZE work?

XGAUZE expands up to 10x their size when in contact with blood or exudate. The expansion provides a level of wound compression when applied. One roll of XGAUZE is capable of absorbing approximately 400 ml of fluid.

Are the sponges the same sponges as XSTAT?

Yes, they are the same sponges as the sponges found inside the XSTAT applicator.

How many rolls of gauze does this equate to?

One roll of XGAUZE is equivalent to 3 rolls of standard gauze in absorption and expansion volume.

How much pressure does XGAUZE exert?

In a benchtop study*, XGAUZE exerted significantly more pressure on the bottom of the wound than standard gauze, 59% more. On the side of the wound, XGAUZE exerted an 110% increase in pressure over standard gauze.

* Bullard, M. Comparison of XGAUZE Trauma Dressing to Standard Gauze in a Benchtop Wound Model. Presented as a poster at MHSRS, Kissimmee, FL, Aug 2016.

How long does it take to apply XGAUZE?

XGAUZE had a 41% reduction in application time compared to standard gauze (about 18 seconds compared to 31 seconds).

What is XGAUZE used for?

It is used for the treatment of moderate to severe external bleeding. XGAUZE applies pressure from all directions in the wound pressure for hemorrhage control. It can be used as a force multiplier in conjunction with other hemostatic dressings in order to provide additional compression at the wound site.