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Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa) provides noninvasive and continuous monitoring of respiration rate for all patient populations

  • The respiratory signal is separated and processed using acoustic signal processing that leverages Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET®) to display continuous respiration rate (RRa) and an acoustic respiration waveform, a visualization of the vibrations caused by the patient’s airflow.
  • Clinicians have the option to use the acoustic sensor to listen to the sound of a patient’s breathing through a point-of-care device at the bedside and remotely from a Masimo Patient SafetyNet™* view station.
  • An adhesive Respiratory Acoustic Sensor (RAS) detects acoustic signals produced by the turbulent airflow in the upper airway that occurs during inhalation and exhalation, while signal processing algorithms convert the acoustic patterns into breath cycles to calculate respiration rate.
  • Continuous monitoring of SpO2 and RRa, as well as other physiologic parameters, on a single Masimo Pulse CO-Oximeter® provides clinicians with more data to make informed care decisions and helps facilitate well rounded patient assessment.
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