Sequal Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply

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Brand: Chart Industries' Caire Inc.

*compatible with Eclipse 2, 3, and 5

The SeQual Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply gives you the ability to recharge your batteries and power your concentrator while you are on the go. It plugs directly into the cigarette lighter or 12v socket in your car. Whether you are on a long road trip or heading to the store, the Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply will preserve your battery life for when it really matters! The SeQual Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply gives you a lot of freedom compared to other continuous flow units on the market. When your Eclipse 5 is plugged into the DC power supply, there are no oxygen setting restrictions when it comes to supplying you with oxygen. No matter what setting you are using, whether it is 3.0 LPM or 9 on pulse, the DC power supply will be able to power your machine. To recharge your batteries in the car, you will need to be using a continuous flow setting of 2.0 LPM or lower, and on pulse flow you will need to use a setting of 4 or lower.


  • Powers the Eclipse 3 Battery in Your Vehicle
  • Powers & Charges the Eclipse 5 Battery in Your Vehicle
  • Charges the Eclipse Battery on All Pulse Settings
  • Charges Up to a Continuous Setting of 2 LPM; While Only Operating on 3 LPM
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