MightySat Rx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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PK Part # 9709
NSN: 6515-01-655-9412
Masimo SET® – The Choice of Leading Hospitals Worldwide
  • Masimo SET® overcomes the challenges of low perfusion and motion artifact that limit conventional pulse oximetry
  • Masimo SET® pulse oximetry helps clinicians monitor more than 100 million patients a year1
Respiration Rate from the Pleth (RRp®)
  • RRp may be used to measure respiration rate in the clinic, during emergency medical services, and at home.
  • RRp provides a wide measurement range of 4 to 70 breaths per minute

  • Comparison at a Glance
    Masimo MightySat RxNonin Onyx II 9560
    Key Product Features
    Parameters: SpO2 and PR featuring Masimo Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®)No
    Parameter: Perfusion Index (Pi)No
    Parameter: Respiration Rate (RRp)No
    Parameter: Pleth Variability Index (PVi)No
    Pleth WaveformNo
    Rotating and adjustable color screen for real-time display of all measurementsNo
    App includes: high resolution pleth waveform, smart tone audible feature, and trending functionalityNo
    Customizable settings with use of touchpadNo
    Flexible finger padNo
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