AirWrap® XL - 6" Compression Bandage with Integrated Inflatable Bladder

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Product Details
Brand: RevMedx

NSN: 6530-01-657-1978

PK Part # 30-330 | MFR Part # FIN-0005-02

AIRWRAP XL is the most versatile compression bandage in EMS. Currently fielded by the US Military and EMS services, AIRWRAP provides hands-free direct pressure on a wound to stop bleeding until an emergency care facility can be reached. The built-in bladder can be inflated using the provided bulb or with a saline solution for air transport. This unique solution to a multitude of injuries is ideal for Stop the Bleed kits, ambulance services with long transit times and LifeFlight. Features of AIRWRAP XL include a 6-inch bandage width, Velcro tabs to prevent unraveling, luer-lock system and pop up indicator.

Fast Facts:

  • Hands-free direct pressure at the wound site
  • Intuitive design ideal for rapid application in multi-causality situations
  • Ideal for 'Stop the Bleed' or standard hemorrhage control kits
  • Luer-lock allows saline to fill the bladder for air transport
  • 6-inch width
  • 5-year shelf life
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