Panakeia is proud to work with and offer the following manufacturers and brands to meet your personal oxygen needs from oxygen concentrators to the accessories.

Panakeia offers both Portable and Stationary Oxygen Concentrators


Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) with the latest technology for oxygen therapy users who desire a small, lightweight, and affordable portable oxygen solution in a compact and mobile unit. Portable oxygen units vary in weight, size, oxygen flow settings, liters per minute, battery life, and different specifications.

POC’s offer our customers the ability to enjoy activities such as golfing, hiking, boating, and camping while using a portable system.

Browse our wide selection of top-reviewed pulse dose and continuous flow units from leading manufacturers such as CAIRE, Drive, Ohio Medical, Invacare, Inogen, Belluscura, Philips Respironics.


Stationary Oxygen Concentrators are solely intended for use inside the home and are not designed to be fully mobile. Stationary concentrator machines provide oxygen therapy patients with a quiet, durable, and reliable source of medical grade oxygen in the comfort of their own home. Stationary oxygen concentrators are fully powered from a wall outlet, so there are no batteries to charge or replace. Stationary oxygen concentrators greatly reduce the dangers associated with immobile oxygen tanks.

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