Novaerus Medical Air Purification Systems

Novaerus portable units are highly effective in any situation with an ongoing need to safely reduce pathogens, mitigate odours, and neutralise environmental contaminants in indoor air.

The Novaerus Medical Air Purification Systems are portable recirculating air cleaning system designed for additional frontline protection in healthcare settings such as operating rooms, intensive care units, in vitro fertilization labs, emergency rooms, waiting and treatment areas, neonatal units, and other critical environments including those performing aerosol-generating medical procedures (AGMP).

Learn about NanoStike

This plasma-based nanotechnology kills all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.

Novaerus Defend 1050 cleared by FDA as 510(k) Class II Medical Device

NOVAERUS NV1050 Air Purifier

200 – 1000 square feet (4 air changes per hour)
400 – 2000 square feet (2 air changes per hour)

NOVAERUS NV900 Air Purifier

900 – 1000 squre feet (2 Speed Fan)

NOVAERUS NV200 Air Purifier

125 squre feet (1 Speed Fan)

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