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HAMPTON, VA. (March 21, 2018)
The Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue and local emergency medical product supplier Panakeia, LLC will be conducting a Bleeding Control Course on Saturday, March 24th from 11am – 3pm, in support of National Stop the Bleed Day. National Stop the Bleed Day is a nationwide, free course on the principles of bleeding control and providing first aid until the arrival of emergency responders, according to State Coordinator and Panakeia representative, Jessica Meadows. The Stop the Bleed program was commissioned by the White House following the Sandy Hook disaster in Newtown, Connecticut in an effort to increasing survivability following mass-casualty events. “With more recent incidents in Las Vegas, Parkland, Florida and Sutherland Springs, Texas, it is imperative to teach civilians bleeding control techniques,” said Meadows. “Our goal is to educate local residents to act as first responders in traumatic situations, by helping to prevent survivable death due to blood loss. As an Army veteran with 27 months deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan, I’m passionate about this initiative because I know that we can help save lives.”

A joint committee of emergency responders, law enforcement, and physicians developed a national policy called the Hartford Consensus. The consensus found the following:
· Traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for people below age 46
· 35% of pre-hospital deaths are due to blood loss
· 80% of victims in a mass casualty event are transported to the hospital by members of the public
· Death due to traumatic bleeding can occur in less than five minutes
· The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that emergency response should begin within five minutes
· National EMS Response times often exceed the NFPA target times
· Of the 147,000 trauma deaths in 2014, 30,000 might have survived with appropriate care, primarily control of bleeding
The Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue is proud to co-sponser this course. As a Emergency Medical Services provider, we recognize the importance of early intervention in trauma to manage bleeding. This course is being held in conjunction with our Open House, a recruiting event designed to attract those interested in becoming volunteer firefighters and EMT’s.
According to Scott Doggette, Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue’s Recruitment Administrator, “ This is an excellent way to introduce the next generation of first responders to the type of hands on care that is being taught to the citizens of our community.” For more information on volunteer opportunities with the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue contact the Recruitment Office at 757-727-1223.
Panakeia, LLC is a leading military supplier of an extensive line of products designed to save lives. It is supporting the initiative by donating crucial medical products that are proven tools for patient care on the battlefield. These products, including their specialty line of tourniquets and other lifesaving bleeding control devices, can also play an important role in assisting bystanders in traumatic situations. “We want to bring more awareness to these lifesaving products within our local community in an effort to stop the bleed and save lives,” said Meadows. For more information on Stop the Bleed Day, contact Meadows at (202) 656-8848.
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Nationally accredited by the Joint Commission for Home Care, Panakeia is the proud Military and Federal Government distributor for RevMedx™, the creators of XSTAT®. Panakiea specializes in marketing, training and distributing advanced medical products to the military, pre-hospital care and EMS, law enforcement, fire/rescue, veteran’s administration, hospital critical care and home care. Panakeia’s mission is to provide the medical community with unique solutions and innovative products that transform patient care and save lives. We bring medical innovations to life. More information regarding Panakeia and our extensive line of products can be found at

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