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Update from Panakeia on COVID-19 Treatment Supplies

First and foremost, the Panakeia team hopes you and your family are healthy, and we wish you the best when it comes to the changes that have inevitably taken place during this unprecedented time.

We want you to know that through hundreds of long-standing supplier relationships, Panakeia, LLC can quickly find and deliver the supplies and equipment you need to do your job and treat patients around the world.

Panakeia, LLC has been designated by both Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Securities as an ” Essential Critical Business .” Therefore, we are mandated to continue to perform on our Federal and Defense Contracts, but Panakeia is here for all of our customers. This is a responsibility that the leadership and employees take very seriously, and we are honored to serve at these unprecedented times.

We have compiled a list of products geared toward hospitals, home care and emergency medical services to treat patient needs for the pandemic response. This is a sampling of the products we offer.

It is our commitment to provide our customers with exceptional service and we are here to assist you with any medical supplies and equipment you may need.

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  • Oxygen Systems
  • Vital Signs Monitors
  • Rapid Readout Biological Indicators and Process Challenge Packs
  • Intubation Blades & Handles
  • Oxygen Concentrators & Accessories
  • Defibrillators
  • Capnographs

MOVES Portable Lifesupport

The first completely integrated portable ICU to combine a complete vital signs Monitor, an Oxygen concentrator, oxygen-saving VEntilator and a Suction system into a single, compact, portable system.

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